Seed Capital

Marivest, LLC provides expansion capital to licensed cannabis businesses.

CORE: Real Estate Equity or Debt for Legal State Licensed Cannabis Dispensaries and Cultivation facilities via NNN Acquisition & Development Lease Backs.



Medical Marijuana Dispensary & Cultivation License Holders

Are you in need of Capital  or Strategic Partners ? Need Business or Start-up Experience

Are you Looking to Sell your Cultivation Facility or Dispensary ?

We Can Help !


Marijuana Industry Start Ups

Do you have a start-up that is an ancillary service or product to the cultivation business. During the gold rush the companies that profited most where not the gold miners but the business that supplied goods and services to rush. Companies that made the picks and shovels and jeans for the emerging industry and rush surrounding it.


Marijuana Investors

Get in On the Green Rush on the ground floor. For accredited investors we  offer early stage seed capital opportunities. Please Note: These are high risk high reward opportunities.


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