Joint Ventures

Marivest Investment Criteria

Companies headquartered in the United States
EBITDA of $0 to $5.0 million and larger
Equity Investment
Typically $250,000 to $5 million of equity capital, however with our partners we have the ability to invest substantially more
Ownership Positions
Flexible — minority or majority ownership; passive or active involvement
Investment Time Frame
Flexible — typically 3-10 year time horizon
Target Business Segments Include

  • Licenses: Growing, Processing & Dispensary
  • Agronomic Technologies & Materials
  • Edibles, Drinkables & Infusable Manufacturing & Marketing
  • Vaporizer Manufacturing & Marketing
  • Education, Compliance & Testing Services
  • Ancillary Supplies and Services


Joint Venture Philosophy

True Partnerships
True partnerships are defined by mutual respect, a shared commitment and an open sharing of ideas. We believe that no one person has all the answers and that through an open sharing of ideas the best strategy will consistently emerge. 

Long-Term Commitment
We believe that great companies and value are created over long periods of time. Investors who are transaction driven or emphasize immediate returns and other short-term strategies, add little value to the long-term vitality of a company. 

Business Ethics
We believe business ethics and an equitable deal for our partners are consistent with the creation of long-term value. 

We have a deep appreciation for a company’s legacy and culture, and we take stewardship of businesses seriously. We believe in preserving the unique and valuable aspects of a company’s culture while building to the “next level.”